Shirt Style Glossary

Since we have multiple variations for our graphic apparel, here is the shirt style glossary!
T-Shirt: Unisex. This type of shirt is the shirt used for school events and sports teams. Comfortable, loose, and baggy. You can cut up this shirt and it won't fray. Some ideas are fringe, crop top, muscle tank, heart back, skeleton back, etc.

Fitted Tee: This comes in black and white. The material of this shirt is stretchy, form fitting and comes in women's sizes only.

Muscle/Sleeveless Tank: Comfy and cool. Cut from the T-Shirt. For a cheaper option, buy the T-Shirt and cut it yourself!

Crop Tank: Available in black and white. Similar to the fresh tops tanks. These are cropped and it depends on your height how short it is. It's stretchy and loose with relaxed shoulder openings. Super cute for the summer, or wear a cardigan over it for the colder months!

Crewneck Sweatshirts: Comfy and fuzzy and soft. These are unisex as well and are very comfortable! It comes in white and grey.

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